SS 09 - Artificial Intelligence on the Energy 4.0

Special Session Organized by

Miguel Delgado, Technical University of Catalonia, Spain and Roque A. Osornio, Autonomous University of Querétaro, Mexico and Luis Romeral, Technical University of Catalonia, Spain

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An effective deployment of the fourth industrial revolution entails the energy efficiency as main driver of the factories of the future. In this regard, the digitalization of the energy is breaking the traditional boundaries between supply and demand. The energy management based on data and artificial intelligence is increasingly decentralized, redefining the generation, transport, distribution, and consumption models in the factory towards the so called Energy 4.0. The Energy 4.0 is, then, a matter of the integration of energy sources and energy demand at the factory, the connection of smart energy networks considering the digital transformation of process automation in plants, and the decision-making based on energy quality, reliability and efficiency.

Topics under this session include (but not limited to)

  • Cyberphysical systems applied to energy efficiency
  • Optimization and control of power generation plants
  • Artificial intelligence based demand response
  • Predictive maintenance and machine learning applied to energy assets
  • Industrial internet of things in energy management
  • Industrial smart grids: transportation, distribution and energy storage
  • Norms and standards related with power quality and disturbances