Best paper and best presentations

ETFA 2020 is proud to announce the best paper and best presentation awards.

A total of 2 regular/special session best papers and 2 work-in-progress best papers were awarded.

The best presentations were determined at the end of each session by public real-time vote among the audience, both onsite and remote. We used Mentimeter as online voting tool. Below you find the winners of each session. For the WiP sessions, given that they had more papers, we show the winners and the two runner-ups. Online voting was a new experience for ETFA participants and provided a lot of fun and engagement no matter where they joined the conference.

Best Paper Awards

Emerging technologies best paper award

Paper: Mapping and Scheduling Automotive Applications on ADAS Platforms using Metaheuristics
Authors: Shane D. McLean, Silviu S. Craciunas, Emil Alexander Juul Hansen, Paul Pop

Factory automation best paper award

Paper: Distributed implementation of Grafcets through IEC 61499
Authors: Oscar Miguel-Escrig, Bianca Wiesmayr, Julio-Ariel Romero-Pérez, Alois Zoitl

Emerging technologies best WiP paper award

Paper: 3D Mapping of X-Ray Images in Inspections of Aerospace Parts
Authors: Daniele Evangelista, Matteo Terreran, Alberto Pretto, Michele Moro, Carlo Ferrari, Emanuele Menegatti

Factory automation best WiP paper award

Paper: Flexible Safety Systems for Smart Manufacturing
Authors: Dieter Etz, Thomas Frühwirth, Wolfgang Kastner

Best Paper Presentations on Tuesday

WS02 (online) - Robot-based inspection systems and post-processing tools

Paper: VD-007722 Accurate Identification of 3D Pose through Reprojection onto a Single Image from Mask-RCNN Contour
Authors: Gabriele Baris, Carlo Alberto Avizzano

WS01 (online) - 4th International Workshop on Robotics Technology Transfer - RTT2020

Paper: VD-006947 Online supervised global path planning for AMRs with human-obstacle avoidance
Authors: Marina Indri, Fiorella Sibona, Pangcheng David Cen Cheng, Corrado Possieri

Best Paper Presentations on Wednesday

TT01 (onsite) - IT Architecture techniques in Automation Systems

Paper: VD-004006 A Service Bus Concept for Modular and Adaptable PLC-Software
Authors: Virendra Ashiwal, Alois Zoitl

TT09 (onsite) - Multi-domain model-based system engineering

Paper: VD-002372 Digital Twin for Verification and Validation of Industrial Automation Systems a Survey
Authors: Andreas Löcklin, Manuel Müller, Tobias Jung, Nasser Jazdi, Dustin White, Michael Weyrich

TT04, SS02 (onsite) - Control Schemas for Advanced Manufacturing Systems

Paper: VD-001589 Incremental Latin Hypercube Additive Design for LOLIMOT
Authors: Tim Voigt, Martin Kohlhase, Oliver Nelles

TT02 (online) - TSN in Industrial Systems

Paper: VD-003093 A simpler TSN? Traffic Scheduling vs. Preemption
Authors: Alexander Gogolev, Philipp Bauer

WiP02, WiP03 (onsite) - Industrial Communication Systems

Paper: VD-007021 A Concept for Wireless Network Integration in Production System Planning
Authors: Petar Vukovic, Tobias Lechler, Jörg Franke

Paper: VD-007153 Real-time Industrial Communication by using OPC UA Field Level Communication
Authors: Santosh Kumar Panda, Mainak Majumder, Lukasz Wisniewski, Jürgen Jasperneite

Paper: VD-005886 Standardization of Edge Configuration
Authors: Markus Rentschler, Dominik Rohrmus, Ulrich Loewen, Andreas Graf Gatterburg, Bernd Vojanec, Alexander Willner

TT02 (onsite) - Real-time Heterogeneous Wireless and Wired Networks

Paper: VD-001341 Hosting functional safety applications in factory networks through Time-Sensitive Networking
Authors: Sascha Gent, Pablo Gutierrez-Peon, Thomas Frühwirth, Dieter Etz

TT07 (onsite) - Robot Sensing and Actuation

Paper: VD-002313 Integration of a Multi-Camera Vision System and Admittance Control for Robotic Industrial Depalletizing
Authors: Davide Chiaravalli, Gianluca Palli, Riccardo Monica, Jacopo Aleotti, Dario Lodi Rizzini

TT01 (online) - Case Studies and Application Reports

Paper: VD-003611 Cloud-managed Service Deployment for Manual Assembly Workstations
Authors: Matthias Schneider, David Albert Breunig, Benjamin Goetz, Abdul Kader Khalil

TT01 (online) - Vertical Integration

Paper: VD-004324 Enabling Fog-based Industrial Robotics Systems
Authors: Mohammed Salman Shaik, Vaclav Struhar, Zeinab Bakhshi, Van-Lan Dao, Alessandro Papadopoulos, Thomas Nolte, Vasileios Karagiannis, Stefan Schulte, Alexandre Venito, Gerhard Fohler

TT09 (online) - Discrete Optimization Techniques for Complex Systems

Paper: VD-004871 Support vector machine based novelty detection and FDD framework applied to building AHU systems
Authors: Victor Martinez-Viol, Eva M. Urbano, Konstantinos Kampouropoulos, Miguel Delgado-Prieto, Luis Romeral

TT05 (online) - Advanced Industrial Control

Paper: VD-001236 A simple technique to improve the set-point following performance of Predictive Functional Control
Authors: Manuel Beschi, Antonio Visioli

WiP06, WiP09 (online) - Computer Vision and Systems Engineering

Paper: VD-006556 ModelConductor: An On-Line Data Management Architecture for Digital Twins
Authors: Panu Aho, Eero Immonen

Paper: VD-006939 Distributed Functional Safety for Modular Process Plants
Authors: Anselm Klose, Florian Pelzer, Mike Barth, Rainer Drath, Rainer Oehler, Silvia Vélez León, Alexander Horch, Christoph Kotsch, Jochen Knab, Leon Urbas

Paper: VD-007404 Automated Optical Inspection Using Anomaly Detection and Unsupervised Defect Clustering
Authors: Jan Lehr, Alik Sargsyan, Martin Pape, Jan Philipps, Jörg Krüger

TT04 (online) - Planning and Quality Control for Intelligent Automation

Paper: VD-004944 Assisted Planning and Setup of Collaborative Robot Applications in Modular Production Systems
Authors: Michael Wojtynek, Julian Leichert, Sebastian Wrede

TT07 (online) - Robotic Applications

Paper: VD-001244 Kinematic Structures Estimation on the RGB-D Images
Authors: Rafal Staszak, Milena Molska, Kamil Mlodzikowski, Justyna Ataman, Dominik Belter

Best Paper Presentations on Thursday

TT01 (online) - Knowledge Representation in Automation

Paper: VD-003778 Reducing the configuration burden in automation systems - case study in a modern brewery
Authors: Robert A. Ellen, Michael J. Lees

TT01 (online) - Data Modeling along the Plant Life Cycle and Building Automation

Paper: VD-002569 Occupant Feedback and Context Awareness: On the Application of Building Information Modeling and Semantic Technologies for Improved Complaint Management in Commercial Buildings
Authors: Francesco Massa Gray, Henrik Dibowski, Jan Gall, Sven Braun

TT08 (mixed) - Information Processing for Industrial Scenarios

Paper: VD-002445 RSS-based Localization for Directional Antennas
Authors: Anetta Nagy, Thomas Bigler, Albert Treytl, Roland Stenzl, Stefan Wilker, Thilo Sauter

TT06 (onsite) - Computer Vision in Industry and Logistics

Paper: VD-000973 GAN-based Defect Synthesis for Anomaly Detection in Fabrics
Authors: Oliver Rippel, Maximilian Müller, Dorit Merhof

WiP06, WiP07, WiP08 (onsite) - Computer Vision, Sensors and Intelligent Systems

Paper: VD-007536 Towards a Modular Architecture for Industrial HMIs
Authors: Muddasir Shakil, Alois Zoitl

Paper: VD-006564 Autonomous Real-Time Gauge Reading in an Industrial Environment
Authors: Stefan Dumberger, Raimund Edlinger, Roman Froschauer

Paper: VD-007897 Measuring Temperature Distributions along Heat Exchanger Pipes in Petrochemical Processes
Authors: Samir Cerimovic, Thilo Sauter, Albert Treytl, Rudolf Stachl, Joachim Binder, Petar Basic, Franz Mehofer, Ernst Schober, Sherry Rinsche

TT09 (onsite) - Utilizing models for the Industry 4.0

Paper: VD-001961 Lessons Learned from developing Industrial Applications according to RAMI 4.0 by applying Model Based Systems Engineering
Authors: Christoph Binder, Boris Brankovic, Christian Neureiter, Arndt Lueder

WiP04, WiP09, WiP10 (onsite) - Complex Automation Systems

Paper: VD-006769 Calibrating Industrial Robots with Absolute Position Tracking System
Authors: Petr Novak, Simon Stoszek, Jiri Vyskocil

Paper: VD-007013 Towards a Domain-Specific Language for Product-Process-Resource Constraints
Authors: Kristof Meixner, Jakob Decker, Hannes Marcher, Arndt Lüder, Stefan Biffl

Paper: VD-006351 Paving Pathways for Digitalization in Engineering: Common Concepts in Engineering Chains
Authors: Arndt Lüder, Laura Baumann, Anna-Kristin Behnert, Felix Rinker, Stefan Biffl

TT10 (mixed) - Practical Challenges of Artificial Intelligence in Industrial and Factory Automation

Paper: VD-000523 Continual Learning of Fault Prediction for Turbofan Engines using Deep Learning with Elastic Weight Consolidation
Authors: Benjamin Maschler, Hannes Vietz, Nasser Jazdi, Michael Weyrich

TT03 (onsite) - Real Time Communications and Scheduling

Paper: VD-003158 Impact of frame size and deadlines on WRR scheduling in a switched Ethernet network with critical and non critical flows
Authors: Aakash Soni, Jérôme Ermont, Jean-Luc Scharbarg

TT06 (online) - Human-Machine Interaction and Computer Vision for Process Control

Paper: VD-004057 Realizing Body-Machine Interface for Quadrotor Control Through Kalman Filters and Recurrent Neural Network
Authors: Alexander Menshchikov, Daniil Lopatkin, Evgeny Tsykunov, Dzmitry Tsetserukou, Andrey Somov

TT03 (online) - Real Time Systems Design

Paper: VD-004197 Real-Time Virtualization for Industrial Automation
Authors: Claudio Scordino, Ida Maria Savino, Luca Cuomo, Luca Miccio, Andrea Tagliavini, Marko Bertogna, Marco Solieri

WiP02, WiP03, WiP08 (online) - Real-time Communications and Embedded Systems

Paper: VD-005681 Extending MQTT-SN with Real-Time Communication Services
Authors: Fernando Fontes, Bruno Rocha, Alexandre Mota, Paulo Pedreiras, Valter Silva

Paper: VD-006483 Enabling IoT connectivity for ModbusTCP sensors
Authors: Tony John, Mathias Vorbroecker

Paper: VD-006203 Considering Safety Requirements in Design Phase of Future E/E Architectures
Authors: Hadi Askaripoor, Morteza Hashemi Farzaneh, Alois Knoll

TT09 (online) - Building and Energy Systems Automation

Paper: VD-004243 How to Play Tag: A Formalization of Semantic Interoperability to Catch Semantics in Building Automation
Authors: Bastian Wollschlaeger, Elke Eichenberg, Klaus Kabitzsch

WiP01, WiP04, WiP08 (online) - Information Technology and Automated Manufacturing Systems

Paper: VD-006823 Sensor Failure Recovery using Multi Look-back LSTM Algorithm in Industrial Internet of Things
Authors: Ade Pitra Hermawan, Dong-Seong Kim, Jae-Min Lee

Paper: VD-006602 A Process to Develop Lean Big-Data Platform Architectures for Industrial Manufacturing Contexts
Authors: Marvin Illian, Simon Althoff, Holger Karl

Paper: VD-005444 A Neighborhood Selection Strategy for Production Scheduling using CP and LNS
Authors: Max Astrand, Mikael Johansson

TT07 (online) - Robots in Industrial Applications

Paper: VD-003069 Sen3Bot Net: a meta-sensors network to enable smart factories implementation
Authors: Marina Indri, Fiorella Sibona, Pangcheng David Cen Cheng

SS11 (online) - AI, Machine Learning and Formal Methods for Safe and Secure Real-time Cyber-Physical Systems

Paper: VD-005169 Rigorous Machine Learning for Secure and Autonomous Cyber Physical Systems
Authors: M Taimoor Khan, Dimitrios Serpanos, Howard Shrobe, M Murtaza Yousuf

TT07 (online) - Robot Planning and Control

Paper: VD-003034 Visual Servoing and Impedance Control in Robotic Manipulators for On-Orbit Servicing
Authors: Javier García, Andrés Rodríguez, Joaquín Estremera, Bruno Santamaria, Diego Gonzalez, Mikel Armendia

SS01 (online) - Industrial Cybersecurity Methods and Technologies

Paper: VD-004723 An Analysis of Black Energy 3, Crashoverride, and Trisis, Three Malware Approaches Targeting Operational Technology Systems
Authors: Marcus Geiger, Jochen Bauer, Michael Masuch, Jörg Franke

Best Paper Presentations on Friday

SS10 (mixed) - Roles of Digital Twin in Industry 4.0

Paper: VD-002461 The Digital Twin Concept in Industry A Review and Systematization
Authors: Martin Sjarov, Tobias Lechler, Jonathan Fuchs, Matthias Brossog, Andreas Selmaier, Florian Faltus, Toni Donhauser, Jörg Franke

TT05, TT08 (online) - Advanced Process Control

Paper: VD-004227 Feed-forward control for a Drinking Water Treatment Plant chlorination process
Authors: Javier Gamiz, Herminio Martinez, Antoni Grau, Yolanda Bolea, Ramon Vilanova

TT06 (onsite) - Computer Vision, 3D and Human-Machine Interaction in Industry

Paper: VD-004081 PoseNetwork: Pipeline for the Automated Generation of Synthetic Training Data and CNN for Object Detection, Segmentation, and Orientation Estimation
Authors: Alejandro Magaña, Hang Wu, Philipp Bauer, Gunther Reinhart

TT06 (online) - Human-Machine Interaction in Industry and Training

Paper: VD-004847 Guiding the Operator's Attention Among a Plurality of Operator Workstation Screens
Authors: Veronika Domova

SS03 (mixed) - Industrial Internet for the Factories of the Future

Paper: VD-002631 Towards Automated Security Evaluation within the Industrial Reference Architecture
Authors: Marco Ehrlich, Martin Gergeleit, Henning Trsek, Georg Lukas

TT02 (onsite) - Security for OPC UA

Paper: VD-004391 Open-Source OPC UA Security and Scalability
Authors: Nikolas Mühlbauer, Erkin Kirdan, Marc-Oliver Pahl, Georg Carle

TT05 (mixed) - Advanced Process Control

Paper: VD-001392 Real-Time Implementation of Switched Multi-Objective Prioritizing MPC for a Brandy Distillation Process
Authors: Marwa Ben Ticha, Vincent Sircoulomb, Nicolas Langlois

SS06 (mixed) - Adaptive and Reconfigurable Cyber-Physical Systems

Paper: VD-005061 Network Fault Tolerance by Means of Diverse Physical Layers
Authors: Pablo Gutiérrez Peón, Wilfried Steiner, Elisabeth Uhlemann

TT10 (online) - Technical Challenges of Artificial Intelligence in Industrial and Factory Automation

Paper: VD-003832 A Systematic Assessment of Embedded Neural Networks for Object Detection
Authors: Micaela Verucchi, Gianluca Brilli, Davide Sapienza, Mattia Verasani, Marco Arena, Francesco Gatti, Alessandro Capotondi, Roberto Cavicchioli, Marko Bertogna, Marco Solieri

WiP01, WiP10 (online) - Information Technology and Artificial Intelligence

Paper: VD-007552 DEEPWIND: An Accurate Wind Turbine Condition Monitoring Framework via Deep Learning on Embedded Platforms
Authors: Hassan Ghasemzadeh Mohammadi, Rahil Arshad, Sneha Rautmare, Suraj Manjunatha, Maurice Kuschel, Felix Paul Jentzsch, Marco Platzner, Alexander Boschmann, Dirk Schollbach

Paper: VD-006599 An Approach for Data Pipeline with Distributed Query Engine for Industrial Applications
Authors: Arnab Ghosh Chowdhury, Marvin Illian, Lukasz Wisniewski, Jürgen Jasperneite

Paper: VD-006696 Dynamic Context Modeling for Cyber-Physical Systems Applied to a Pill Dispenser
Authors: Nada Sahlab, Nasser Jazdi, Michael Weyrich

WiP01 (onsite) - Information Technology in Automation

Paper: VD-006955 A Software Measure for IEC 61499 Basic Function Blocks
Authors: Lisa Sonnleithner, Alois Zoitl

Paper: VD-006521 Automated dashboard generation for machine tools with OPC UA compatible sensors
Authors: Garabet A. Topalian-Rivas, Jonas Wassermann, Mustafa Severengiz, Jörg Krüger

Paper: VD-007293 Towards a Comprehensive Architecture for Autonomous Adaptive Machines
Authors: Rainer Herzog, Stephanie von Riegen, Lothar Hotz

SS04 (mixed) - SEnSEI - Skill Based Systems Engineering

Paper: VD-001155 Modeling Expert Knowledge for Optimal CPPS Resource Selection for a Product Portfolio
Authors: Kristof Meixner, Jan Herzog, Hannes Röpke, Stefan Biffl, Arndt Lüder

TT09 (online) - Maintenance, Security and Verification of Industrial Control Systems

Paper: VD-002291 Optimization of Process-Aware Attack Detection for Industrial Control Systems Security
Authors: Franck Sicard, Estelle Hotellier, Javier Soto Pérez-Olivares, Eric Zamaï

SS02 (online) - Challenges of Machine Learning in Intelligent Technical Systems

Paper: VD-001848 Incorporation of Expert Knowledge for Learning Robotic Assembly Tasks
Authors: Marco Braun, Sebastian Wrede

TT02 (online) - Networks in Distributed Industrial Control Systems

Paper: VD-002186 Real-time capable OPC-UA Programs over TSN for distributed industrial control
Authors: Christian Eymüller, Julian Hanke, Alwin Hoffmann, Markus Kugelmann, Wolfgang Reif

WiP05, WiP07 (online) - Applications of Industrial Control and Intelligent Robotic Systems

Paper: VD-006165 Trust and Reputation in Heterogeneous Multi-Agent System for Production Processes Based on the Market Economy
Authors: Jana Jost, Benedikt Mättig

Paper: VD-006459 Hard Real Time embedded solution for Execution Time analysis of non-linear control laws
Authors: Andrea Bonci, Giacomo Nabissi, Giuseppe Antonio Scala

Paper: VD-005827 Towards Robust Loop Closure Detection in Weakly Textured Environments using Points and Lines
Authors: Joan P. Company-Corcoles, Emilio Garcia-Fidalgo, Alberto Ortiz