SS 06 - Adaptive and Reconfigurable Cyber-Physical Systems

Special Session Organized by

Mohammad Ashjaei, Mälardalen University, Sweden and Svetlana Girs, Mälardalen University, Sweden and Ricardo Severino, Polytechnic Institute of Porto, Portugal

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Adaptive and reconfigurable systems can react to changes in environment, resources or applications by adjusting system parameters and structure. This allows coping with live system updates, dynamic application sets, dynamic requirements/load and variable resources. However, adaptivity and reconfigurability add new requirements and increase complexity. Therefore, all architectural levels must be carefully designed to ensure that overall system requirements are continuously fulfilled. This Special Session focuses on novel ideas and concepts to realize such adaptations and reconfigurations in Cyber Physical Systems (CPS), analyzing tradeoffs between benefits and costs, novel algorithms and experiences with simulation or practical case studies.

Topics under this session include (but not limited to)

  • Adaptive embedded and distributed embedded systems
  • Adaptability and reconfigurability with Software Defined Networking
  • Adaptability via virtualization in networks and computation
  • Reconfiguration in the context of Industrial IoT
  • Wired and wireless networks to support adaptability and reconfigurability
  • Resource allocation/adaptation in cloud and fog computing
  • Middleware for dynamic reconfiguration
  • Probabilistic approaches to reconfigurable systems
  • System architectures for adaptivity and reconfigurability
  • Adaptive control in (distributed) embedded systems